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Meet Dr. Steven Machicek

“There is nothing better than seeing a patient’s smile and improved confidence on the day their braces are removed.” Dr. Machichek

The opportunity to give people a smile is the greatest job in the world! Dr. Machicek works hard to create an atmosphere where children can enjoy the time they spend with us and feel as though they are not in a doctor’s office. He wants parents and patients to be excited to come see us and know they will be receiving the best quality treatment that they deserve and to be comfortable with every aspect of their care.

Dr. Machicek and his family reside in Mansfield where he is excited to become an active member of the community. He and his wife, Kristen, have a beautiful young daughter named Claire and a miniature dachshund, Decker (who thinks he is their other child). Dr. Machicek loves to spend time with his family and enjoy the outdoors in the beautiful DFW area!