Pediatric Dental Emergency

If your child has a dental emergency or accident, contact iKids Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics for the best possible guidance. Our highly trained pediatric specialists will provide the finest care for your child and our emergency line is available 24/7.

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Dental emergency information

Dental emergencies can be frightening and stressful for anyone, let alone your children! However, it is important to stay calm in these situations. If the emergency is life-threatening, call 911 immediately or go to your nearest emergency room. Otherwise, please call our emergency number. Our team members at iKids Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics will do everything we can to treat your child’s dental emergency as soon as possible.

Pediatric dental emergency tips for parents

Knocked out tooth

Knocked-out baby, primary or permanent teeth can be a frightening situation, but it occurs more often than you may realize. The first thing to do is to control any bleeding. If possible, locate the tooth and gently clean it by rinsing it with water, but do not use soap. When handling the tooth, only hold it by the crown and avoid touching the roots. Then, place the tooth in a clean container and cover it with milk (this helps preserve the tooth). The tooth can be saved if you act quickly, so please call us immediately. 

Chipped, cracked, or fractured tooth

Contact us immediately if your child has a broken or chipped tooth to arrange a visit to our office. Before arriving, you will need to do the following:

  • Rinse your child’s mouth with clean water
  • Apply a cold compress to your child’s cheek where the injury has occurred
  • Preserve the tooth fragment in a clean container, and bring it to your appointment

Injuries to tongue, lips, or cheek

If your child has an injury to their tongue, lips, or cheek, apply pressure to the wound with a clean bandage or cloth. Wash your hands before and after treating the area and make sure that the wound is clean.

You can apply an antiseptic to the wound daily and ensure that it is kept dry and clean. If you need further assistance, we will happily assist you at our office.

Object stuck in teeth

You can use dental floss to clear anything stuck in between your child’s teeth. If you cannot remove the stuck item with dental floss, please call us for assistance and avoid using any other tool to try and remove the object.


If your child complains about toothache, make an appointment with us as soon as you can. In the meantime, you can rinse their mouth with lukewarm salt water and ensure that nothing is stuck between teeth. You can apply a cold compress to help relieve any pain, and the salt water solution can soothe injured gums and give your pediatric dentist a better opportunity to assess your child’s mouth and provide the appropriate treatment plan.

Broken jaw

If you suspect your child has a broken jaw, use a cold compress to reduce swelling, contact us immediately and go to the hospital. Head injuries can be serious, and any impact on the head can potentially cause a fractured jaw. Your dentist will advise on treatment options such as medication for pain, antibiotics, and possible jaw surgery to return the jawbone to the correct position. 

How to avoid dental emergencies

Here are a few ways you can avoid dental emergencies for your children:

  • Child-proof your home to prevent any possible falls
  • Your child should avoid chewing on popcorn kernels or ice
  • Use car seats for children under five years old and seat belts for older children
  • Ensure your child wears a mouth guard if they play contact sports
  • Ensure your child brushes and flosses regularly to sustain healthy teeth

Contact your nearest iKids location for the iKids emergency phone number. Our team members are here to walk you through stressful times.

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