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"My grandchildren love going they love how funny the dentist is!!! I recommend you check them out!! I remember being a kid and i was always afraid of the dentist! Its nice that they like going! Thank you to all the staff for being friendly!"

-Lita M

Excellent. Dr. Hamilton is the best. My daughter has always done good at Dr's appointments, but I was a little nervous at her first visit to the Dentist. Since the first appointment 5 years ago we love iKids. We get excellent service every time. The staff is awesome!!!

-Martha M

This place is amazing!!! They love on my kids and especially make my boy with cerebral palsy feel comfortable and get through all his X-rays and cleanings without overstimulating him...and now he LOVES to go! We are devoted to iKids and highly recommend them to anyone that has kids.

-Aimee L. G.

"We love iKids. Dr Randy Hamilton is amazing with my 22 month old and has been since he was 9 months. I can't imagine going anywhere else. The office is so clean and so fun for the kids. The room for young kids (I think kids under 5) is full of toys and stuff to keep kiddos occupied. They do the young kids by having them sit on your lap and lean their head back onto the dentists legs so he can see in their mouths easily. It's quick and easy!"

-Shannon L

"I'm not one to write reviews. My kids enjoy their doctors visit. Dr. and staff were great. I called my daughter-in-law to recommend ikids to my grandkids."

-M. O. Ramirez

"After hours antibiotics and care needed for my 9yo. 100% the best service and response from Veronica who was on call! And to the Dr who was able to assist! Initiated call at 845pm Thursday night and by 10pm I was back home with meds for my daughter when she awakes! And appointment is already scheduled for her! This working mom appreciates you all!"

-Amy P

"I was super impressed with this place! It was my 2 year olds first time to the dentist and everything went perfect! The front desk was extremely friendly and the dental assistant held my 10 month old the whole time the Dr. Checked out my 2 year old's teeth, She even helped me out to my car with my kids because I couldn't get a sitter! It was the Best experience I've ever had with customer service!"

-Shayla M

"We came for a second opinion visit today and I can't tell you how glad I am that I chose this place! From the moment we walked in the staff was amazingly friendly! Its sad but I'm use to dealing with crabby staff at another dentists office, so walking in here was a breath of fresh air!! The doctor listened to my concerns and made my kids and I feel like it was no big deal to have the work done that she needs! It was a great experience and I can't say enough good things about the staff and Dr. Barton! The waiting area is perfect if you have other kiddos too!"

-Christina L

"We loved it! The staff was amazing and was extremely caring about my children!"


"My son and I both love going to IKids, the whole staff is great! They answer my questions and concerns and make my son feel at ease every time we go. Very friendly and caring staff and that makes it a great experience for my son who use to be scared of the dentist, but not anymore!"

-Sandie D

"They always are very nice and do such a great job"

-Stephanie T

"Great place, kids relax more. Due to that they have TVs up on the ceilings...with different Disney movies."

-U Gonzalez